Matthew Kelly's The Four Signs Of A Dynamic Catholic

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What did Mother Teresa, Francis of Assisi, John Paul II, Therese of Lisieux, and Ignatius of Loyola all have in common? They all followed the four signs of a dynamic Catholic. These signs appear in the lives every Saint and dynamic Catholic. In Matthew Kelly’s book The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic is great because how it is motivationally written, sees a great future, implements practical steps, and its relatability. In the book Matthew often speaks about dynamic Catholics. These dynamic Catholics are the people in the Catholic Church that make up eighty percent of what the church does while only being seven percent of the church population. It goes on to talk about the four signs that all of them follow. The four signs are prayer, study, generosity, and evangelization. Each of these is grown in a different way and all four need to be built up slowly. Through this book Matthew teaches the common Catholic how to become the seven percent.…show more content…
The book is written in such a way that if feels like he is talking to the reader rather than it being a book. Matthew wrote this book because he saw the need for the renewal of those Catholics who have become dormant in spirit. He needed this book to be a motivational beacon for them so that they could have their soul reinvigorated in Christ. The book does a great job of letting the reader know that even the seven percent are not perfect. It tells them that everyone goes through the same struggles and that they can get through their problems if they can see the great future that they are

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