Matthew Mojica's Recommendation Letter

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Matthew Mojica as the newest member of the prestigious National Junior Honor Society!

As a good friend of Matthew’s family, I have seen him grow up to the young man he is now. I am excited to tell you what makes Matthew so special and deserving to be a member of NJHS.

First, Matthew is intelligent. His academic aptitude is evident in his grades and the awards he receives. His current grade average is 97% for all seven subjects. Also, he is currently ranked #1 on the national leaderboard for the on-line Math challenge for 6th graders. Additionally, his teachers have nominated him and won the “Cele Pride Award.” Of all the students, Matthew won the award recognizing his academic effort, determination, …show more content…

In the many years I’ve known him, his parents have never mentioned Matthew get in trouble at school or at home. I believe he is disciplined because he obeys and respects his parents and other people. For example, when he is at our home visiting, he follows our rules. I know Matthew will continue to be a law-abiding citizen into his adulthood. His obedient and respectful nature signifies he submits to authority.

Matthew is responsible. A few years ago, Matthew’s father was ill. It was during this time I saw a mature 10-year-old boy who did what he had to do because it was the right thing to do. He truly amazed me with how he took on more responsibilities at home. Matthew helped his family through their difficult circumstances by helping his mother with the house chores and lawn care. Above all, he helped take care of his younger brother. He took on duties that his father was not able to do while he recovered from his illness. Instead of complaining of his extra duties, he chose to be responsible.

Matthew has the qualities of a great leader. In fact, he has been given leadership positions at school and his team sports. Now that he is older, I am delighted that Matthew is a good role model to his younger brother, friends, and teammates. It is such an honor that I recommend a remarkable young man with great character to your organization!

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