Matthew Moss Research Paper

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Do you have a great friend that is always there for you? Matthew Moss is a great friend and someone who has my back. I originally met Matthew in second grade at Vanderlyn Elementary School. Although I didn 't start being his close friend till around halfway through 7th grade, we have grown into a great pair of amigos. He is as ripped as a torn piece of paper, he 's as funny as a dank meme compilation, he 's as serious as he is hilarious, and he has hair like he gets a haircut every day. Matthew may not be super tall, but he is large. He stands at around 5’3 and has a humongous smile that stands out in a room. He has short brown hair, which is gelled up in the front. Matthew has green eyes with long eyelashes. He has big bushy eyebrows and decently large ears. Matthew is extremely muscular. He works out 2-3 hours of the week during school, but when he 's off he works out about 8 hours of the week.…show more content…
Matthew is fairly athletic. Matthew plays various sports. He plays baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and will play any sport for a day if he wants to. Matthew has played baseball for 9 years and has gotten pretty good at it. Although he recently learned how to play lacrosse he is learning quickly. Matthew will play any sport you put in front of him and will most likely be good at it. Matthew is real. I know that without a doubt I can trust Matthew in almost every sitution. and he has my back. This is a great thing to have in a friend. He has never been very mean to me and doesn’t get angry very easily. Matthew is someone who I can trust that he will be there for me when I need
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