Matthew Wawrykiewycz Case Study

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Matthew Wawrykiewycz was arrested by, York region Police, on February 9, at his home in Aurora, after police confiscated two kilograms of cocaine and $100,000 of cash. Police began the investigation in September and later identified Wawrykiewycz as the suspect of the sale of illegal substances. Police had obtained warrants to search his home and storage locker, and completed the arrest on February 9. In total Police confiscated two kilograms of cocaine, 60 grams of methamphetamine, $100,000, and 100 ammunition rounds. Wawrykiewycz faces multiple charges including, possession of cocaine with intent to traffic, possession of methamphetamine with intent to traffic, failing to comply, possession of property obtained illegally over $5000, he is also charged with careless storage of ammunition. Currently in custody, Wawrykiewycz is set to appear in court on March 14.…show more content…
The police followed correct procedure in this case and have worked intensively to stop this flow of illegal narcotics. Although, Wawrykiewycz does not go to court until later this month it seems that he will most likely plead guilty as the evidence stacked against him is very high. This case appears to be an open and shut case, but more information will be known after the court proceedings have been completed. If Wawrykiewycz decides to go to trial it seems unlikely that he will be given bail as the many charges against him are numerous and severe. The streets are safer with the seizure of these illegal narcotics and

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