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There are many times that a bride might want to avoid wearing a frothy piece of confection full of tulle and lace. Whether she is getting married later in life or wants to express her unique style without choosing a traditional wedding gown, there are other choices available for the non-traditional bride. Mature brides don 't have to wear lacy dresses that are made for much younger women, but at the same time, nobody can dictate what the older bride can wear. If you want to wear a cute, frilly dress on your wedding day, by all means, be exactly the bride that you want. If you would like a more mature dress, there are options for you as well. Wedding Suit There are plenty of suits for the mature bride to wear on her wedding day. A jacket will allow the mature bride to hide parts of her body that she doesn 't want to show. The older bride might not want to wear a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, but she might want to wear a fitted skirt and beautiful lace jacket on her wedding day. They come in a variety of colors and styles, which means you can choose the one that 's best for you. You might decide to skip the skirt completely and wear loose, flowing pants made of the lightest silk. Don 't feel limited by what young brides are wearing on their wedding day. It 's more valuable that you 're comfortable and feel beautiful on your special day.…show more content…
Two-Piece Wedding Outfit A suit might be too tailored for your wedding day. Instead of choosing a suit and jacket, you might decide on a jumpsuit with a bolero jacket, loose trousers and a shrug, or a simple sheath dress with small jacket. The material will differentiate the two-piece wedding outfit from one that you could wear into the office. On the other hand, you might want an outfit that you can wear again for another occasion. Keep that in mind when purchasing your wedding

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