Examples Of Mature Market

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The Mature Market
The literal definition of a mature market is a market where equilibrium is present and a lack of diversity and innovation is evident. However, the type of mature market which will be referred to throughout this project is one which makes the older generation the target audience in the eyes of marketers. “The mature market consists of older people who exhibit a great deal of variability with respect to the way they look, think and act.” (George P. Moschis, Euehun Lee, Anil Mathur, 1997:284) These older people are called mature consumers. Some terms often associated with this age group include:
 W.O.O.F – Well Off Older Folks
 Retirees
 Younger elders (55-64 year olds)
 Maturities (66-74 year olds)
 O.A.P.’s – Old Age
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These mature consumers have healthier lifestyles, are more active than those of the past, have higher life expectancy rates and many of the over 55’s feel like the age of the previous generation. Regardless to whether the consumer is 55 or 80, mature consumers “invite marketers to appeal to that younger person inside each older person’s body” (William Lazer, 1986:25). Mature consumers don’t want to feel isolated because of their age group, they want to buy similar kinds of products as younger consumers according to Dimensions of the Mature Market…show more content…
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