Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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With the increase in people 's life, they mature and change. The protagonist grows up like a novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, continues. Scout frivolous and disrespectful at the beginning of the novel.

She learns from her experiences throughout the novel. By the end of the novel, which came to have a strong concern for the feelings of others, and to understand the world around them. She finds out about this through my own experience. Scout has matured a lot over the novel.

The browser displays the children 's behavior at the beginning of the novel. It is the lack of respect for her maid Calpurnia. Scout suggests that Atticus be dismissed. "" She likes Jem Better 'n he loves me, anyway, "I concluded, and suggested that Atticus lose
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Scout matures through the lessons and experiences. When the browser knew that he was not afraid of Boo Radley and had the courage to stand on the porch Radley leads to adulthood. And finally understand and see what it really is. He 's a good, now, finally, we have seen that Atticus says later, "Most people [very good], a researcher when he finally sees them." (281) It is implemented through a gradual phase change, people tend to prejudice inaccurate, and what people thought about Boo was false. He also realizes that his Scoutmaster was to be hypocritical. His teacher always said that "Therefore, we do not believe in the pursuit of one. Persecution comes from people who are discriminated. Prejudice "(245), showing their teacher against the persecution, the scout hears that says your good professor Tom Robinson condemned because blacks are getting too" high and mighty ". This means that it is acceptable to persecute blacks, and that it contradicts itself. This leads to ojeador be annoying and think hard. Later in the novel, the browser learns to refrain from fighting. it shows a lot of respect for other people, because he gets himself in their shoes. Atticus has learned that there are other ways to solve their differences and leave your anger. It 's a lot of things that have contributed to the development of the Scout
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