Maturity In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Each year, day, and second, people gradually get more mature but it occurs quickly or gradually in various people. Maturity can be linked with a considerable amount of different things and it brings people to begin to act like adults. Maturity is not dependent on a person’s age because it depends on the person’s experiences in life and who they surround themselves with.
People get more mature based off of their experiences in life. An excellent example of this would be war. When a person goes into the military, they don't expect to change at all from their experiences there but when they actually start to get into combat, their whole perspective changes. They see things they don't want to see and can't unsee, they hear things they don't want to hear and can't unhear, and lastly they feel emotions and pain they don't want to feel. People
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A prime example of this would be from the sentimental novel titled “Of Mice and Men” between the two main characters George Milton and Lennie Small. George is an undoubtedly mature middle-aged adult and Lennie is his best friend who is also a middle-aged adult but he is definitely mature and has a few mental issues. When Lennie lacked George’s presence, he acted immature and like a 4 year old but when George was around, he acted more like an adult than a kid. When Lennie surrounded himself with immature people, he didn't have the capability to act mature but when he was with adults who were mature, he acted them same as them. This helps to justify that maturity is not dependent on age but in fact dependent on the people they surround themselves with.
In summary, maturity develops as a person ages but it develops at a certain time in their life based off of their life experiences. When a person experiences things that are mature, they learn lessons from those experiences and learning lessons at any age helps shape a person into being more
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