Personal Narrative: My Adjustment To High School

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The most difficult thing being my age, fourteen, is the adjustment to high school. Graduating from middle school and going right into high school is a big change. It’s scary to have to start high school without all your old school friends. The first change for me was lockers. My school had cubbies and desks. I’m always used to being able to access my belongings easily. Using a locker was hard for me. It was a challenge to get books from my lockers and arrive to class on time. It was so stressful trying to get the combination correct.
The second change that was difficult was eating in a big cafeteria with all the grades. In my school, we ate lunch in our classrooms. When it was time for lunch at high school, I was scared, confused and lost.
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This is told by saying “to bean an injustice without wanting to get even”. Her last saying about this was perfect. Everyone in life needs to know that it is okay (normal) to fail in life and not want to get revenge.

Sydney Salomon
Mr. Rotondo
Writing Honors
May 23, 2016
Interpret & Critique

This is a photograph of a family greeting a solider. The daughter seems excited to be reunited with her father. The time this was taken was 1972. It is called Burst of Joy by Sal Veder. The color of the photo is black and white. Color wasn’t developed during this time in photos. The soldier is walking to the family, while they are running in joy. This shows this was taken at an airport. There are planes in the back, and the outside setting proves this. The family is dressed normally- dresses, skirts, pants and etc. I love this photo. I love the feeling of reuniting with a family member. It’s like regaining a part of you, or discovering a new one. The daughter seems most effected. She must have been close to her father, and his leaving was very sad to her. I can tell by the way she runs to him in happiness.

Sydney Salomon
Mr. Rotondo

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