Maturity: What Is The Meaning Of Maturity?

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PABUSTAN, WILBERT NATHAN S. ID :11600454 March 17,2017 ENGLCOM C-32 DRAFT-2 Maturity What is the meaning of maturity? How does one measure about it? These are the questions often ignored by the people in the society nowadays. A lot of people always talk about maturity with a little knowledge about it. Some of them would say that when a person is mature, if one is an adult and fully developed one’s physical appearance. But is this the real meaning of maturity? The answer is definitely not. In reality, it is a quality of being fully developed in one’s personality and emotional behavior. Martha Graham once said “Age is the acceptance of a term of years, but maturity is the glory of years”. That is to say, maturity does not measure by age, it comes with experiences. Everyone grows old, but not everyone grows up and becomes mature. In short, Maturity is a state when people are in a position to know the importance of being responsible, to implement thinking before speaking and to determine for themselves how they want their lives to proceed. A responsible person is one who able to make rational decisions without needing advice or supervision, because he or she is obligated and answerable for his or her behavior. Such a person can be trusted or depended upon to do things on his or her own. It is a desirable personality trait for anyone to possess, as many
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