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The Mau Mau rebellion is a rebellion against colonial rule in Kenya. It existed from 1952 until 1960 and it helped through the independence of Kenya. The Mau Mau rebellion is perhaps caused by the rising conflict between the Kikuyu and white Europeans settlers in Kenya. In that era, in Kenya there were issues like expulsion of Kikuyu tenants from peasants, loss of land to the white citizens, starvations and a lack of truth in terms of political representation for Africans given the propulsion for the rebel. Therefore, in this assignment I will reveal the foundation of the conflict and the exactness of anti-colonial rebellion against British colonial rule and a civil war in the colony (Kikuyu community) and also did the Mau Mau rebellion led to Kenya’s independence.

Foundation for conflict
Kenya is rich in resources, also the climate is good for agriculture. There are many possible reasons why British wanted Kenya, besides power grab. Natural resources found in Kenya are crops like tea, coffee and maize. In addition to the valuable resources, Kenya is more accessible to the ocean and also the interior of Africa, and the climate as well
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The Kikuyu was angered by white settlers when taking their land and their economic deprivation led to vast discontent throughout the Kikuyu . They tried to address their issue but they were ignored. They grew more unsatisfied with the colonial administration failure, hence playing a significance role in the uplifting of the Mau Mau rebellion. Economic deprivation went throughout the colonial rule, by 1948, 1,25 million Kikuyu were moved to 2000 square mile, showing that the Kikuyu were disadvantaged by white settlers, which led to the huge anger and resentment amongst them (Kikuyu). This poor condition resulted to the huge increase in number of Kikuyu migrating to the cities, resulting to unemployment, overpopulation and

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