Maude Clare Poem Analysis

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“Maude Clare” is about two people who are soon to be married, but someone from the groom’s past is trying to cause tension. Maude Clare is the groom’s past loved one and she thinks that she is better than the groom’s soon to be bride. Maude Clare has given the couple a gift, but the gift turns out to be an item the groom and Maude Clare shared in the past with each other. Maude Clare wants to get back at the groom for all the hurt he had caused Maude Clare. Moller tries to connect through “Maude Clare” so she can get a better understanding of the poem. Moller believes Rossetti composes a narrative poem with little description of the environment so that the readers read the poem as play. (#4) “Maude Clare deals with a more complex form of tragic love because the bride and groom have no joy during the wedding because Maude Clare is trying to cause problems.” (#4) Moller believes Rossetti only highlights the tension between Maude Clare and…show more content…
The poem was well developed and every words choice and rhyme made the poem outstanding. “Maude Clare” is a poem I could picture in my head and how the environment would look and all the accessories. I also liked the message throughout the poem. No bride dreams of having a loved one from the past try to ruin your wedding day over a gift that was once shared with your soon to be husband. “Maude Clare” was an excellent poem that Rossetti worked hard on. “Despised and Rejected” is about a young man who got bullied when he was younger, and now he wants to get away from the people that lowered his self-esteem. The young man’s so-called friends are trying to call out to him and call him “friend.” The young man’s “friend’ is pleading to let him into the young man’s house, but after all the years of torture and brokenness, the young man is not letting anyone lower his self-esteem. Eventually, the young man’s “friend” walked away and found another
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