Mauna Loa Compare And Contrast

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How would you like to live on the side of a volcano? On The Big Island of Hawaii, people can experience this during their vacation at KMC, a military camp located near the volcano Kilauea. There are currently three active volcanoes in the state of Hawaii, all of them being on or very close to the Big Island. Mauna Loa is the oldest of them, Kilauea is the most active, and Loihi is so young in comparison to the others that it hasn’t even breached the ocean’s surface. As of 2017, The Big Island is home to a population of 186,738 while 953,207 people live on the nearby island of Oahu. Honolulu is the capital of the whole state, and is located on Oahu. It contains significant features such as Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, and the North Shore. Born …show more content…

One of these is that they are considered to be a part of the same state, Hawaii. Kamehameha united the island chain to become the Kingdom of Hawaii, which was then taken over by the United States in 1893. The Big Island and Oahu were both a part of the old kingdom, now the 50th state of the United States, and are home to American citizens. In addition, both islands have a lot of tourism thanks to the many sights and attractions they contain. Every year, millions of tourists flock to both islands to see things like Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Kilauea, and Hilo. Tourism supports the economy, as it is the strongest industry of Hawaii. When visiting Oahu, people usually want to see Waikiki, the North Shore, Pearl Harbor, and other beautiful locations. Similarly, The Big Island attracts tourists with its volcanoes, black sand beaches, and scenic views. Finally, both islands were formed by the same volcanic hotspot. Although Oahu is older than The Big Island, they were formed by the same hotspot in the center of the Pacific Plate. As the plate moved northwest over time, the hotspot created a chain of islands that became Hawaii. Volcanoes spewed lava that solidified into the rocky and formed both Oahu and the Big Island. No matter where in the state of Hawaii, many people love to stay and enjoy the beauty of the islands. Both Islands have many various similarities that make them both

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