Maupassant The Necklace

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Originating in France, ‘The Necklace’ is a short story written by French writer Guy de Maupassant in the late nineteenth century; the period where literary movements realism and naturalism dominated French fiction. Maupassant played a significant role in both the realist and the naturalist movement through his depiction of the setting as well as the main character’s motivation of life. The short story reflects upon the rigid patriarchal society during the late nineteenth century, demonstrating how the wealth of a person can lead to their generosity and greed; thus affecting their lifestyles. Through ‘The Necklace’, Maupassant aims to depict the conflicts between the upper-class and the lower class and how their inner desires vary. This essay…show more content…
When Maupassant conveys Madame Loisel’s dream he narrates, “She dreamed of great drawing rooms dressed with old silk” The premodifier “great” once again refers to the theme of greed, shown throughout the story. Although she is living in a steady life, Madame Loisel always desires for better. Maupassant can be seen as a misogynist here as Madame Loisel is portrayed as a greedy woman who does not know how to cherish what she currently has. She continues to complain on her plain and ordinary lifestyle even though there are many more underprivileged people living in the society. Women continue to be characterized negatively through Madame Loisel’s expectations on her meals. Instead of appreciating her husband’s effort in cooking the meal, “she dreamed of elegant dinners, gleaming silverware” The repetition of the verb phrase “she dreamed” moreover suggests Madame Loisel’s desperation to achieve her endless desires for luxury. The dependent clause shows her depreciation of her husband’s hard work, suggesting that she puts wealth and fortune over her relationship with one of her closest family members. Maupassant can be seen to be misogynistic by conveying Madame Loisel as an antagonist whose greed does not purely affect her thoughts towards her ordinary lifestyle; but also her neglection towards her family
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