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Maurice Britt was known for many important things. He was a professional football player, a medal of honor recipient of World War II, a Lieutenant governor of Arkansas, and he was also a businessman. Maurice Lee Britt was on June 29, 1919 in Carlisle, Arkansas. His parents were Morris Lee and Virgie Britt. When he was a kid, Maurice moved to Lonoke (Lonoke county). When he went to his local fair he won a pair of shoes, that is where he got his nickname “Footsie. Maurice was known also known for his shoe size which was thirteen. Maurice went to school until he graduated as the valedictorian at Lonoke High School in 1937. He then went to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He was supported by an athletic scholarship for both football and basketball. He received a…show more content…
But on February 1944, he received a permanent wound that would impact the rest of his life. Britt was taking cover in a house while being on war and suddenly a German explosive shell came through the window shattering most of mostly all his bones in his foot and tored off his arm. In spring of 1944, he came back to the U.S. While being on a hospital ship he found out that he had received the Medal of Honor. Thousands of people came to the football stadium at the University of Arkansas to see the ceremony. Later on after the Army, he started law school, then left to work at a furniture business, and began to sell aluminium products. Britt got married with Nancy Mitchell and had three children, but later he got divorced and got married again to Patricia Allbright. Britt later got into politics and got elected as lieutenant governor of Arkansas and served two terms. In 1986, Britt was running for governor but got defeated by Frank White. On November 26, 1995 Britt died from a heart failure. To honor him they placed a table with his military cap and all his medals and also placed his coat on his favorite rocking chair beside his

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