Maurice Van Strewman's The Legend Of The Ghost Ship

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The Legend of the Ghost Ship
A long long time ago, there were big sailing ships on this river. One night in a storm, a big ship sank. All the lanterns were lit as the the ship went down. Now, they say that on stormy nights, the ship rises and you can see the lanterns as the ships sails and sailors laugh. They come out of the storm and raid nearby towns. When the storm ends, they disappear without a trace. They leave with all the goods and people they stole and kidnapped. On a particular stormy night, a young boy named Jonathan Davis and his best friend Maurice Van Strewman were outside helping people set their homes for the storm. Ships were supposed to be coming in for the storm so they didn’t get sucked into a maelstrom. So Maurice and Jonathan were going to help them get to shelter. They went down to the docks to wait for
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They took valuables, food, and people as slaves. They started to break whatever they could to traumatize the town. As the pirates drew near the boys Jonathan sneezed and gave away their position. The pirates looked where they were and the boys ran. The pirates gave chase to the boys trying to overcome them. Maurice tripped over uneven ground and Jonathan kept running not noticing. Maurice got captured by the pirates and taken prisoner. Jonathan looked behind him to see that he was all alone. The pirates head back to the ship carrying Maurice back to the ship against his will as a prisoner. Jonathan tried to hide away for the rest of the storm. The storm began to lessen and the pirates started to sail away. When the storm ended the pirates left without a trace leaving the town in ruin with many people missing. The pirates were gone until the next big storm. But on stormy nights they say you can still hear the prisoners being tormented and crying while the pirates laugh at them . If you are lucky you will never encounter the fiends and their ghastly
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