Maus As A Utopian

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“Perhaps the greatest Utopia would be if we could all realise the no Utopia is Possible” Quote by Jack Carroll
Good Afternoon/Morning Mrs Ramchandra and my fellow classmates. What is “Utopia” Exactly? The Definition by the Oxford English Dictionary explains it as “An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect” But to simplify the meaning it could be seen as an “Imaginative World” This Concept of creating the Utopian Society/World has been thought about across the centuries. In fact one of the most recognisable events in history was aimed to create this perfect world. This Event is known as World War II. In Art Spiegelman’s “Maus” we see further into the life of being a Jew at this time of destruction. Films such as V
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The idea of individuality and the rebellion against forced conformity. Throughout the movie, the main character 'V ' gathers the support of the citizens that is growing more and more annoyed with the amount of control the government known as Norsefire has over them, V takes advantage of a growing annoyance towards power that he eventually funnels into a mass rebellion. He does so under the use of masks to cover the identity of him and his followers and allow people to protect their personal identities. This method of anonymous rebellion allowed the people to voice their true feelings and stand up to rebel against their justice.
Both texts have a common choice in themes and techniques. Recognisable themes include War, Corruption, injustice and Power. Techniques include the use of Metaphorical and literal Masks to display someone’s identity.
The Theme of Corruption is seen in both Maus and V for Vendetta. In Maus we see how Corruption can rule ones decision and thinking. We are given an insight on how the Nazis had taken bribes form Jews and Polish people for exchange for little scraps of food, or even for some sort safety. Even The beating of Jews for no reason.
“It was many, many such stories – Synagogues burned, and Jews were beaten with no reason, whole towns pushed out all the Jews – each story getting worse than the
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But if not I’ll explain a bit more. People talk about war as if it is a means to gain something, and yes that is very true, past wars people have started to obtain something, to gain something, so this idea of having profit in wars can be interpreted in many different ways. Profit could be considered money, people, loyalty, as long as someone gets what they were achieving for, they gain profit from the war. In V for Vendetta we see an outbreak of a deadly disease called “St Mary’s” A disease created by Norsefire (the Government) a biochemical warfare as it called. By creating this disease they were able to create a war that only they could fix because they had the cure, and what was their profit? They gained money, power and loyalty. So as long as someone can gain something from war, there won’t be
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