Mavorce And Divorce

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In several religions, the sacrament of holy matrimony is very sacred to the point that separation is considered to be a sin committed against God. However, in the context of several other religions, although holy matrimony is considered to be a sacred sacrament, there is a degree as to how sacred it can be.
In the Jewish context, the belief of finding your “Bashert” or soul mate is present. Although there are several statements in the Torah, which compose of the entire body of Jewish teachings, which contradicts the entire idea of the Bashert, the idea still has a strong hold within the Jewish community. However, although the idea of the Bashert is present, it does not necessarily mean that the marriage will be trouble-free. Marriage, just like everything in life, requires dedication, effort, and energy. Despite two people loving each other, the possibility that the marriage will not completely work out cannot completely be eliminated, which is why Jews are very much open to the concept of divorce. Although divorce is not favorable in Jewish context, and the Talmud considers divorce or the dissolution of marriage an unholy act, it is by no means prohibited, and in some cases even encouraged. As stated in biblical law, the husband has the right to divorce his wife, but the wife cannot initiate the divorce, nor can she prevent him from acting upon it. The Talmud specifically states that a man can divorce his wife because she spoiled his dinner, or if he simply finds
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