Max And Kevin In 'Freak The Mighty'

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Freak The Mighty has been a great book so far. Many crazy things have happened. When you read the book, you learn more about the characters every chapter. There are two main characters Max and Kevin. (Also known as Freak.) The two characters work together and help each other out. Both characters are very different from each other. Max is a very tall boy and is learning disabled. Kevin is a small boy that is very smart and is a human dictionary. Max and Kevin work together. They are called Freak The Mighty, hence the name of the book. Max really enjoys hanging out with Kevin. Both of the characters spend a lot of time with each other. They go on many adventures, so they must enjoy seeing each other. Max and Kevin’s parents know each other but Max’s parents are not with Max until chapter 15. Max and Kevin knew each other from day care but then they grew up.…show more content…
Max accepts that he has to carry around Kevin and trusts Kevin to do the right thing. Max has physical and mental strength. He has the mental strength to accept that his father is in jail. He has physical strength to carry around Kevin. Max is a service to Kevin when he carries Kevin around. Kevin has curiosity, responsibility and solve problems. Kevin can think about anything so he has curiosity. Kevin is responsible for maintaining himself. He also can solve problems to help him in a situation. Freak The Mighty is a very enjoyable book. It is very interesting. The book makes me want to read more after I finish a chapter. There are two main characters. They are Max and Kevin. Both characters work together to solve problems. Max is very tall and is learning disabled. Kevin is short and very smart. His body does not grow
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