The Blue Edge Of Midnight Max Freeman Analysis

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Max Freeman is the chief character of the Max Freeman series of novel authored by police officer turned writer Jonathon King. Max Freeman made his first appearance in the debut novel in the series published in 2002 and titled The Blue Edge of Midnight.

Max Freeman had been a police officer in the Philadelphia police department for several years. He left when he was involved in an accidental shooting of a child during a police shootout. Max left the city to go live in the Florida Everglades though he is living a life full of misery as her finds it impossible to get rid of the guilt that forever haunts his days.

The first novel of the series The Blue Edge of Midnight begins with the background to Max departure from the police force after killing
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The lead character draws you in making one root for him even when they are at their wits end. Suddenly, Max is with the hottest woman in the city and fighting evil in some of the most innovative and interesting of ways. The author writes a superb tale with vivid and realistic depictions of South Florida. His vivid descriptions make the Blue Gulfstream, Lauderdale, the Glades, and Billy’s plush penthouse come alive in the tradition of some of the best of the Southern writers.

Shadow Men the third novel in the Max Freeman series of novels is another excellent novel with some gripping plotlines. Still living an isolated lifestyle in the Florida Everglades, Max Freeman finds himself at the center of an eight-decade-old mystery. Eighty years ago a man and his two sons had gone missing while working on the first road that cut through the Glades. However, the descendants of the lost men have unearthed a recent series of letters and Max has been contracted to try to unravel the mystery of their disappearance. Surprisingly, Max meets resistance and threats of violence at every turn, despite the fact that the case is eighty years old. There is a powerful man who still has a lot to
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