Joan Britney Case

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1. Consider the three issues Britney needs to address. Which one should be addressed first? Last? Explain your reasoning? • After looking at the three issues we believe that Britney needs to address the issue involving Joan Jorgensen first because she broke the company policy due to hearing about the sexual assault accusations she also got the media involved. We want to address this issue first as sexual assault is a highly criminal offence. This issue is the most important as Joan decided that contacting the media first before contacting anyone inside the company to raise issue with it. This issue also can get out of hand faster due to the company not starting an investigation yet as they were not notified. This can cause out rage with the pubic as the company is seen as being sexist and being unethical due to not starting the investigation. The second issue that should be addressed is the issue involving Paul Bertuzzi because he had insight to the fraud that was happening within the company, but decided not to say anything about it. This is the next issue to tackle as fraud is a criminal offence. As Paul had knowledge about the scheme that was being planned but wasn’t evolved it does not take first priority. His decision…show more content…
Britney can talk to upper management to start an internal investigation about the alleged offence that involved Natalie King. Britney can talk to Joan and ask her why she didn’t come to HR Management and talk about the issue before going to the media. Britney can enroll Joan in a training course that teaches employees how to handle these kinds of situations that can happen in the work environment. The suggestions we would make to improve the policy on employee communications is that all employees must contact HR Management regarding any issues that they hear about within the

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