Max Soffar's Argument Against The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is a sentence that has no use. The process has become too slow over the years to the point where some people die before they get executed. Similar to the case of Max Soffar who may have been innocent, but died of cancer before he had the chance to fight for the freedom he may have deserved(Houston Press). This also shows that the death penalty has taken and ruined the lives of innocent people. A study shows that 4% of defendants sentenced to death penalty are innocent(The Guardian).The second reason is the high number of botched executions that happen in the USA. The only one without failed executions is the most intense one which is the firing squad. The second most successful execution is the electric chair with a fail …show more content…

They people who want the death penalty mainly say that they think that if they commit enough of a sin that God would understand the execution of that person IN the sense that the person is pure evil. The biggest problem is that the Bible says that all people should have their sins forgiven. Besides that it's shows that the real reason is so the person that can feel the pain that he victims family and friends feel. That shouldn't be a way we handle the pain we can’t remember what the person meant to use if we have the thought of death in our head. It almost cause a wall in our heads to not think straight because you are hurting more than helping the healing …show more content…

We need to fight for a better way because I feel like this process is hurting more than it is helping and until we stop this crazy idea of “justice” we can't have easier way to take away these bad people. Works Cited 1. Ballard, Scotty. "Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?." Jet, vol. 103, no. 9, 24 Feb. 2003, p. 4. EBSCOhost, 2.Cushing, Renny and Adrianne Haslet-Davis. "Should the Death Penalty Live?." Time, vol. 185, no. 21, 08 June 3.Von Drehle, David. "Bungled Executions. Backlogged Courts. And Three More Reasons the Modern Death Penalty Is a Failed Experiment. (Cover Story)." Time, vol. 185, no. 21, 08 June 2015, p. 26. EBSCOhost, 4.Latson, Jennifer. "A Gruesome Historical Argument against the Death Penalty." Time.Com, 07 May 2015. EBSCOhost, 5. 6.https://new

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