Max Stevenson Francois Case Report

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Max Stevenson Francois, who is 28 years-old, was recently arrested for leaving the scene of the accident. He is currently being held in jail, and his bond is $75,000. Max hit 15 year-old Jailah Cross when she was crossing the street on Northwest 15th Avenue. Jailah 's 14 year-old brother witnessed his sister get hit by the car and told his mother. Jailah 's brother and mother witnessed the paramedics attempting to revive her. The paramedics rushed Jailah to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital. Jailah 's mother is devastated. However, she has stated that she can sleep better at night knowing the man who killed her daughter is off the streets. Max attempted to hide evidence from the accident by putting a gray tarp over his car. Police officers had released a video of the accident. They also pleaded for the person who hit and killed Jailah to come forward. Someone called the police after seeing the video. The police arrested Max at a home that is located between 11th Avenue and…show more content…
This is not the first time that Max has gotten into trouble with the law. He has received three citations for minor traffic violations. He has also been arrested for driving the wrong way. Additionally, he was arrested in May 2015 for battery. He faced felony charges, but they were later dropped. When a driver hits a pedestrian, they are supposed to take responsibility and remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. However, hit and run accidents are an extremely common occurrence. Hit and run accidents are taken seriously. People who leave the scene of an accident may be required to pay a hefty fine. They may also be required to spend time in jail. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident and are facing criminal charges, then you need an attorney on your side. You should contact Hassett & Associates if you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale hit and run defense lawyer. Ken Hassett is an experienced criminal defense
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