Max The Mighty: Character Analysis

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Max the Mighty: Follow Up I can’t believe that my teacher is making me do this. I mean it’s spring break, and I have to write in a stupid journal while I just want to be reading books. Max tells me that I shouldn’t complain. He told me that he wrote almost a whole book before. I want to believe him, but I think he’s lying.. Right now, we are on my way to California. “ I can’t wait to surprise Gwen.” Max tells me. “Who’s Gwen?” I ask. “Do you remember me telling you about Freak? Well, it’s his mom.” Max explains. “What’s her last name?” my mom asks Max. “I don’t know her maiden name, but Freak’s last name was Avery.” Max replies. “Oh, I didn’t realize I knew her. Gwen was a friend of mine in high school!” my mom told Max looking shocked. All of a sudden the…show more content…
They go down to the car. When they come back up, they look upset. “I’m sorry, the victims are not in the car. We are afraid they died. We are so sorry. The bodies are also not in the car.” they tell us. Max is crying. “Let’s go have dinner in remembrance of them,” my mom tells him. We go and have dinner at The Olive Garden. When we were there, a man come up to Max. “You look familiar,” the man asked Max. Max replied “I don’t know who you are. I have never seen you in my life.” The man then explained that there used to be a picture of Max in his house. He explained that his wife had it, but she never explained why she had it. “What is her name? I may know her,” Max replies. “Her name is Gwen. She used to live in Pennsylvania, and she told me that she had a son named Kevin which is what we named our son.” the man explained. “I do know Gwen. Do you think I could see her. I was friends with Kevin. Well, before he died.” Max answered. “Oh,. Umm, Gwen died last year,” the man says looking sad. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. We came here from Pennsylvania, and we were planning on coming a surprising her,” Max
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