Max Weber: The Four Types Of Rationality In The Movie

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There are four type of rationality that has explained by Max Weber. The most dominant form of rationality that can be observed in this movie is substantive rationality. Substantive rationality orders action into patterns through clusters of values. It means that a substantive rationality view the expectation is that all elements will be compatible which is any value system that is compatible is substantively rational. But the content of the values is not necessarily defined. This type of rationality exists as a defining of man’s inherent capacity for value rational action. Substantive rationality can also describe with limited matter which is organizing only a delimited are of life and leaving all others untouched. For example, friendship, to create a substantive rationality, it involves the value such as reliability, care and shared…show more content…
Expectation is when Brandon Shaw and Philip Morgan expect that their plan on murdering David will be success and nobody will know that they commit the crime. They have high expectation that they will success. Because they believe that they have full knowledge to succeed in the attempt. They did the crime according to the theory that they had learnt in the colleges from their lecturer, Rupert Cadell, to prove that they are belong to intellectual superiority category. Which, the people that are in the intellectual superiority category can do perfect crime without getting catch by people. According to Gonzalez (1997), there is no difference between the actual world and the decision maker’s opinion in the rational person of neoclassical. Brandon and Philip thought that, as long both of them follow exactly like the theory that they had learnt, their plan on murdering would be a successful plan. But the truth is there are differences between real world and the theory. We are worried with how men act rationally in a world where they are often unable to expect the relevant future with accuracy (Gonzalez,
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