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CT SCAN IMAGES ANALYSIS OF MAXILLARY SINUS DIMENSIONS AS A FORENSIC TOOL FOR SEXUAL AND RACIAL DETECTION IN A SAMPLE OF KURDISH POPULATION Ahmed, Azhar Gh. HDD- Orthodontics, MSc-Oral Pathology, University of Sulaimani, Iraq Gataa, Ibrahim S. Maxillofacial surgeon FIBMS, University of Sulaimani, Iraq Fateh, Salah M. Radiologist-DMRD, FIBMS, University of Sulaimani, Iraq Mohammed, Ghadah N. BIS, MSc Orthodontic Assistant and Technician, Private Dental Center, Sulaimani, Iraq ________________________________________ Abstract: Despite the fact that the skull and other bones may be badly disfigured in victims who are incinerated, it became urgent necessity to gender determination using maxillary sinuses as a useful…show more content…
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