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As a prince there are many tasks you must follow to be successful. It is not an easy task to rule an entire kingdom. Machiavelli is a well known italian politician who wrote “The Prince” in 1532. Machiavelli proposes cruel tactics in order to preserve power. He argues that using people instead of helping them is the only way to be a successful prince. Although Machiavelli is an educated politician, without helping others in return by using them, a prince won’t be able to succeed because as a prince you need the support and trust of others to maintain power. For example, in the well known fantasy story Harry Potter wouldn’t be anywhere without his friend, Hermione. The famous wizard would be dead if it weren’t for her efforts to assist him throughout…show more content…
Another example is from the famous book series, “Maximum Ride” by James Patterson. Maximum Ride is the story of several kids who are ninety eight percent human and two percent avian, giving them wings and unique powers. This adventure is about Max, Fang, Iggy, Angel, Nudge, and the Gasman trying to get away from the scientists, who want to do experiments on them. Throughout the series they have established an unbreakable bond with each other. Even though they weren’t related they became a family, helping raise one another, since they were six to fourteen years old. Max is the main character of the book who takes you with her on her adventure. In the first book Maximum Ride and the Angel Experiment, the youngest character, Angel was taken away by scientists. Max decides that they need to do whatever it takes to rescue her. A quote from the book that supports this says, “‘You know we have to go after Angel. You can 't be thinking that we would just let them take her. The six of us look out for one another—no matter what. None of us is ever going to live in a cage again, not while I 'm alive.’ I took a deep breath”(11.10). Max didn’t succumb to the fear of the scientists capturing Angel. She decided to was important to save someone who means a lot to her. Machiavelli clarifies that a weak leader is someone who puts their life at risk for the benefit of another. This isn’t true when it comes to Max. When she rescued her she felt thankful to have her friend back, instead of ignoring the issue, because of all the risks involved. This bond between Max and Angel is extremely important. A strong bond with someone can lead to success when you have someone who supports you. I remember when I was younger I developed a strong bond with my friend. As we grew older she helped critique my writing skills. This advanced me as a writer. I never knew she was going to lend a helping hand. Ever since I created a friendship I’ve grown in my
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