Maximum Ride School's Out Analysis

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In two books, Maximum Ride: School’s Out – Forever and Cross, have something in common, they rely deeply on love. As Ari’s love for Max is weird and unconventional, Alex in Cross is searching for her wife’s killer out of love and more importantly, vengeance. To get away from love and look at truth, Max is searching for the meaning to her not normal life as a mutant teenager. The scientists and Erasers are still hunting Max and the flock. Somehow, the Erasers find them wherever they go. Alex Cross has met up with his former police partner to investigate in the crime of her dead wife’s murder. Throughout the entire book, Ari loves Max, but in an uncanny way. Ari thinks, “If Max was trapped, if she had no hope of escaping, and if [I] was the only one keeping her alive with food and water – then she’d get used to him, right?” (Patterson 237) Ari has an interesting way of expressing his feelings to her. He has shown that he is still yet a child, a child needing the attention from his mother (Metaphor). Although Max may seem like a mother to the flock, she is still only 15 years old. Max has been searching for the meaning of her life, being that she was turned into a flying teenager with nothing but a Voice telling her what is right and wrong…show more content…
The only problem, the killer is a professional serial killer/rapist, who has been under the radar recently. Anther problem, Alex is unemployed, but had a nice job with the FBI and Police Department, giving him the chance to help take down his wife’s murderer. “…I don’t need Alex’s help this time. He needs mine” (Patterson 118). This quote is showing the one-sided conversation John Sampson had with Alex’s mother, Nana. John is trying not to harass Nana’s protective instincts of Alex. As for Alex, he wants it to be over, expunged from his current and happy life that he wish he could now have
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