Maxine Hong Kingston's No Name Woman

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1. Who is the “no name woman”? Why is her name unknown and her existence to be kept a secret?
In the essay, “No Name Woman,” by Maxine Hong Kingston, the author describes the no name women to be Kingston’s aunt. Moving forward in the first paragraphs of the essay, Kingston has a conversation with her mother about her aunt. She begins to explain Kingston that her aunt eliminated herself and her newborn baby by jumping into the families well in China. Furthermore, the night before the baby was born, the ruthless villagers attacked as well as destroyed the family’s house. Subsequently, the following morning the mother had found her sister- in-law with the infant stuck in the well. In addition, Kingston’s aunt had brought such dishonor to the family, that they decided to make believe she never existed. Coming to an end, these are the reasons why Kingston’s mother did not want Kingston to ever speak of
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Men had more power as opposed to women at the time. Women had to obey the commands of their husband even if they didn’t agree. Another example is harm came upon anyone who made poor choices, like Kingston’s aunt. She paid the price for her mistakes by throwing herself with her baby in the well. Also the villagers ending all that she owned.

4. How did Hong Kingston describe her relationship to Chinese and American cultures?
Chinese culture is more serious and has no mercy, as opposed to American culture that is more easygoing. Secondly, the different movies, childhood, and finally stories from mother’s perspectives are all factors of comparison of the two cultures. The favorite movie on New Years’ called, “Oh You Beautiful Doll with Betty Grable” one year, and, “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,” by John Wayne a second year. Movies were especially described in the differences of Chinese and American culture too.

5. What does Hong Kingston say was the, “ real punishment” for her aunt on page

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