Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

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``The woman warrior`` written by Maxine Hong Kingston is a collection of memoirs. It has a hybrid form: it is a myth, fiction, as well as autobiography. ``The woman warrior`` is a book about finding and discovering yourself in the circumstances of a Chinese family and an American upbringing, always fluctuating between the two worlds, wondering about your true self.
In ``A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe`` a very important theme is the Identity Plot. In order for a book to satisfy the identity plot, it has to contain some elements: The narrative revolves around the question of how to define and understand a character's identity; the character must always be a member of a minority within a larger society; the character is at odds with the minority group of which she is a part; the character is conflicted about her differences from the minority
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And you have to talk for interviews, speak right up in front of boss. Don`t you knew that? You`re so dumb. ``(181). This is one of her fears, not to be accepted by the American society, because that means she will never leave behind her parents` tradition, a tradition that she does not respect or desire for her.
Second of all, she is in disagreement with her Chinese upbringing. She feels as if she does not belong there, that she is the black ship of the family: ``I thought every house had to have its crazy woman or crazy girl, every village its idiot. Who would be it at our house? Probably me. I was messy, my hair tangled and dusty. My dirty hands broke things. (189). She was the intruder. She does not want to be married, and desires to go to college and choose her own friends, without having her mother by her side saying to her that those people are enemies of
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