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PEST Analysis A PEST analysis is normally used as a business measurement tool where the word PEST defines the acronym for Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors. They usually use in accessing the market for a business or an industry. PEST analysis of Maxis will be done according to its factors. Political issue results in the government policies about the registration for their SIM Cards. In 2008, the government made an announcement that all the Telco users are compulsory to register for their SIM Cards because there were too many cases of crimes happening through phone calls, text messages and also MMS. Besides that, during economic downturn, there were many employees got retrench. When the unemployment rate got higher,…show more content…
Many companies used many different ways in order to increase their productivity and sales by attracting more customers. It is the same that goes to Maxis. Normally the factor that affects the competitive intensity in Maxis is the differentiation potential. It is the level of possible product or service differentiation categorized as another important competitive factor. The harder it is for the company to differentiate themselves, the more intense for them to be in the market and sell their product or compete in capturing customers for their solution that have similar substance which have a similar replacements. Therefore, Maxis considered adding in value of opportunities in other way that is to entice customers to use their service with an extra service, 24-Hour customer service hotline and unlimited data for a period of time every day. This is what attracts more customers who need this…show more content…
It is important to have strong coverage as people use lines to communicate especially under emergency circumstances. Besides, they have strong brand image and they are as emerge as the market leaders in Malaysia. They are known as a trusted brand. Maxis have good deals and special offers for different ages of customers and also targeted groups which they purposely design their packages for different classes of people in the community. They also provide reasonable plans and packages for all users and are always the first to introduce new mobile plans. They have all types of telecommunication and internet technology and

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