Maxtel: Professional Development And Training Programs

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Q3. Describe the policies used for ensuring professional development and training programs.
People are those assets in any working organization which makes an integral part for the growth and development of employees in any organization. Hence there is a constant requirement for professional training and development program for both permanent and new employees within an organization and benefits are no doubt a great ongoing facilitation for all the employees.

Objective of HR policies used for professional development and training programs in Maxtel:

To ensure that the organisation has people with all the appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviours required to meet its business goals and objectives on both the short and longer term and to
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 They will also evaluate the contribution of the training and development towards business success of Maxtel.

4. Equal Opportunities and Diversity:

 Maxtel has been committed to ensure that equality opportunity has been provided to all the employees in the development program. This implies that Maxtel has a range of initiatives to make sure that this has been achieved.
 Such initiatives includes equal opportunities and diversity awareness; monitoring of different ongoing development programs regarding their approaches; and further a range of the development opportunities to meet needs of each individual.
 If any employee feels that he/she has been denied access to the required development then they should first bring this matter across Line manager or senior manager.
 Even then if they remain dissatisfied with the development program then they may discuss this matter further with Regional heads through conventional
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8. Induction Program:

 Every employee who is new to Maxtel and existing people who has recently changed their jobs within the organization must receive an appropriate induction for aligning themselves with the company’s growth.
 It includes understanding of the values and the working culture of an organization and the concerned department as well.
 For new joiners, this includes attending a three-day programme organized by Training and Development unit.

9. Career Development Program:

 All the members of Maxtel have the all the rights to expect their future careers to be developed and senior managers in such a case have a key role to pay in order to ensure that the individuals receive all the required support and practical help in this regard to meet their career aspirations.
 There shall always be a balance between meeting the day to day needs of business and allowing employees by providing the scope to develop and nurture them more widely in an organization and their senior managers are only accountable for achieving such balance.
 There will also be a similar program for managers with technical and administration

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