May 8th 1945-Brent Book Report

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May 8th, 1945 - Brent It has been months since I was captured by Nazi general, trying to save a Jewish kid. Gen. Jonathan McCormick has beaten me down to my last straw. My body is weak and I can barely stand up. I barely get food. Each person here at this camp gets one piece of bread per day. That 's about 180 calories(13). But finally, the day has come. The Nazi government here in Germany is being overrun today. Street by street, the Russians are taking over the city of Berlin. In just a few hours, the entire country will be in ruins(15). I have seen so much here at this camp. A mother being separated from her little boy where she was stuck in a gas chamber. The boy was all alone. No one helped take care of him and he later died of starvation

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