Maya Angelou Still I Rise Analysis

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Society attempts to strip away strength and self love. It judges people based on what is on the outside which weakens them so they are no longer able to fight back. This poem is an attempt to rally the citizens of the world and bring them strength back. In “Still I Rise” Maya Angelou portrays the idea of persevering and discovering self worth through battling the hardships of society’s views. The world is strict in what it believes, if someone chooses to go against its ideals then society will attempt to drag them through the dirt. In the beginning of the poem Angelou makes sure to include emphasis on the harshness that society brings, “Shoulders falling down like teardrops./ Weakened by my soulful cries” (Angelou 15-16). It can cause so…show more content…
The poem starts off with, “You may trod me in the very dirt/ but still, like dust, I’ll rise” (Angelou 3-4). In the beginning of the poem the author is inspirational, however, she compares herself to dust at first. It is as though she admits there is something impure and wrong with her. The author is opening up and showing that society has worked its way inside her mind and contorted some of her thoughts. The opening is full of darkness, anger and disgustingly dull images. However, it seems like she begins to realize her purity does not depend on her skin. She exclaims with confidence, “You may kill me with your hatefulness,/ but still, like air, I rise” (Angelou 23-4). At the beginning of the poem the author uses the word dirt instead of air. Now it seems as though she has washed away the impure thoughts of society and decided to be stronger and more hopeful. She has come to terms with the way the world is and has decided to rise above. Her strength is prominent and through this the author is able to promote courage and self love. She continues to rise even though society attempts to drag her down. She is portraying that even the dirtiest thing can become pure with self
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