Maya Angelou Still I Rise Essay

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Maya Angelou was born in 1928; she lived through some of the worst oppression for African American people. One of Maya Angelou’s most celebrated poems is ‘Still I Rise”. The Poem “Still I Rise” is a call for others to live above the society in which they were conduct up. Throughout the poem Maya conveys her sense of confidence. No matter what happens or what is thrown at Maya Angelou, she will always rise. Maya Angelou goes into details in stanza one by allowing her heart and soul to proclaim that nothing and no one could abuse her or keep her down. People will talk behind your back and spread whatever kind of rumors that they can to bring you down. However, she likes to be seen as a strong person. In the second stanza, Maya asks, “Does my sassiness upset you?” She knows that she will be successful in life. With this being said, Maya goes into deeper details in stanza three, she lets society know that she will always rise up out of her affliction. She feels that society might keep her down, but her nature will rise above and stand against what society is trying to do. In stanza four, she knows that the racist people in society will show bitterness towards her own success. She felt that they did not want to see a black woman rise up and be successful. Maya knows that society hate to see black women that is full of pride in stanza five. In this stanza, which is stanza six, she lets society know that no matter how much they try to down her, she will still be successful in life. She lets them know that talking down on her with words, looks, and hatefulness she…show more content…
It is awesome because it tells a story of survival. However, it inspires people to rise above all the negativity. It is beautiful, strong and empowering. She represents hope for the black people. If someone is feeling down, reading this poem will uplift them because it is very inspiring. Overall, this is why this poem is so
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