Maya Angelou Vs Beowulf Essay

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Heroes in Medieval times were the men who fought wars to save their kingdom from the enemy. They were worshipped by their king, and received gifts such as treasure and land. Knights were said to be highest in rank, following after noblemen. Only a certain amount of men were ranked as knights because back then people believed in destiny. So many didn’t consider working up into a higher class. In present time, however, rules have changed. Heroes don’t have to be knights protecting their kingdom anymore. They can be activists, entertainers, authors, entrepreneurs, etc. It doesn’t matter their career, if they were to incorporate helping others it can show a great deal of heroism. Beowulf and Maya Angelou are both examples of heroes. Although they were born in different time periods, Beowulf and Maya Angelou…show more content…
When meeting Hrothgar, Beowulf boasted about his achievements in killing other monsters. He bragged of his battles, of how he would “rise from the darkness … Dripping with [his] enemies’ blood” (Beowulf 418-419). He also claimed he would need no weapon to kill the beast, only his hands were necessary (438-440). When he faced the beast, Beowulf showed courage and strength and was able to defeat Grendel. Soon after, Grendel’s mother wanted vengeance for her son and begun to kill more men in Herot. Beowulf found the mother’s home and killed her and Grendel at once. Towards the end of the epic poem, he also defeated a dragon with the help of Wiglaf. Other soldiers went to the cave with Beowulf but when he needed their help, they all cowered away while Wiglaf went to help his king. The scene showed how not everyone can face the same bravery as Beowulf once did. Maya Angelou is a different kind of hero. She was an author, memoirist, producer, actress, poet, filmmaker, educator, historian, and civil rights activist. In her youth, Angelou was

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