Maya Angelou's Attitude Towards People

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Like how Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”The way you treat people and the way you say it to them it will have more effect on it because,the attitude you may show towards that person. It’s like saying sorry to someone like maybe you did mean it but, you probably don’t show it. People think that actions are a lot more powerful than words, because they attitude you show towards someone can actually mean a lot more than saying it. Like when my “bestfriend” said she would never talk bad about me because, our friendship meant so much but then actually she did. Knowing that she was talking behind me back for about three weeks…show more content…
When my ex had told me he will always be there for me, saying that I meant so much to him, and he also said he would never do anything to hurt me. We were fine for about those seven months together until, going to 8 months he was just acting strange, his attitude towards me was just so different but, I had just thought it was just me acting like that. Until once, I had left my middle school for about two weeks and during those two weeks people were telling me how he was getting a little too close to one of my friends. Therefore, I knew something was up so, I had texted him saying if all these things were true about him kissing my friend, holding hands,and hugging, basically just cheating on me. Nevertheless, he texted me so serious saying it was because, he said it was my fault because I was never there. Knowing the fact that he said it so straight up, and saying he did because he just didn’t care anymore hurt me so much, and also what hurt the most is that he didn’t even say sorry for all those things he did that same night I stayed up crying until, around three am I had stopped. Otherwise, like in a book called “Milk and Honey” it has a quote that means a lot to me, it says “There is a difference between someone they love you and them actually loving
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