Maya Angelou's Ties With God

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Maya’s Ties with God

Have you ever heard of Tupac cry, Maya Angelou was one, if not the only one who made him. Maya Angelou is one of the biggest voices of the 21st century. She does not talk, but she speaks, and she mostly speaks in the language of love. The reason? God. In the book “I know why the caged bird sings” young Maya grows up in a very religious town in Arkansas called stamps. Many adults were religious with a passion. One of the reasons was because Christianity helped them deal with adversity because this was in arkansas back in the 1960’s were racism was high and limited blacks right to public speech and freedom of expressing themselves. Maya was surrounded by religious people all the time so she was forced to partake in religious
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She Influences Maya’s growth as a person and nurtures her mentality by enforcing hard work, love, and religion. These things build the foundation of Maya slowly without Maya knowing it because it's normal for her to live that way. Mama always shows a demand for discipline and hard work which she gives love for in return. In the book Maya's family is always trying their best to comfort and help Maya and make her feel better no matter how bad a situation can be. Maya got pregnant to someone who she didn't even know and that man wasn't sticking around. This was a nightmare for her at first, she was scared and didn't realize what was happening so she hid it from everyone. When she tells Vivian and her boyfriend the news that she is pregnant. Both of them, due to their religious and spiritual background are very supportive of it and they help Maya raise the newborn which comforts…show more content…
Religion helped them to deal with racism and adversity in a mental/spiritual way. Maya had used religion to build her moral guide and to get a better lense on life even though she wasn't the best christian at the time, she kept developing her christianity as she got older and let christianity run her life which was a very full life. She is one of the biggest voices in the 21st century because of how religion influenced her. She has inspired many others and not only religiously, but spiritually by helping others look at life the way it should be looked
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