Poem Analysis: Life Doesn T Frighten Me

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“Life doesn’t frighten me” is a priceless primer on poetry,that represents and raises the voices of children, that are mostly stoped silenced by those younger ones. The poet presents the poem in a personal manner to make the reader feel her and all the children that she speaks up for, because the speaker doesn’t want to be seen as weak anymore in representing the difficulties of the life and how they (children) can face or are facing it. The poem consists of eight stanzas, using rhymes in the whole poem. Maya is the writer and chose to write the poem in the first person, perhaps reflecting the hardship that she has been through in her childhood as an African American such as childhood rape, poverty, addiction, bereavement, and…show more content…
This stanza focuses on the tough life she has been living through as a kid, which is characterized by those strong dudes who are fighting always; implementing the fear in her Veins, but the outside world still doesn’t scare not even a bit. Panthers in the park Strangers in the dark No, they don't frighten me at all. She goes for the dark life in her childhood. She compares panthers to the dangerous people in her life. It is important to note that she didn’t use “ life “ but “they” as she is addressing in this part the people who hurt her and damaged her life, they don’t scare her at all. That new classroom where Boys all pull my hair (Kissy little girls With their hair in curls) They don't frighten me at all. She is referring to the subjection to bullying that most of the children receive in their daily life, and the hard times they face while they are out in the real world. It can also reflect her experience as an African American and the different types of bullying she got subjected to in her childhood. The final stanza contains only four lines which is relatively short compared to the previous
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