Maya Milkdashi's Essay 'Sexual Violence Is A Crime, Sometimes'

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Shouting with written words is what Maya Milkdashi has done in her essay “Sexual Violence Is a Crime, Sometimes” with complete professionalism! Just like the ironical title allures the reader, the unique style of the essay along with the organized content adds various reasons why this text should be read very carefully. This passage which deals with one of the most important topic nowadays: Sexual inequality and violence… sheds lights on what many of us are even afraid to come across to in our country. Why is sexual abuse still present in Lebanon and who is to be blamed? What is the society doing to end this shameful act? All these questions and others are clearly explained in this essay. Through my response, I’ll tackle certain points regarding the content of the text along…show more content…
She makes it clear from her introduction that she’s not completely satisfied that few counties “recognize” marital rape as a punishable act. (Paragraph 1). After this general view, Milkdashi uses a deductive approach to get into the main topic which is the marital rape in Lebanon. She presents some major obstacles regarding this issue including the civil law exempting the husband from any kind of punishment and the religious leaders standing firmly again any law amendments (paragraph 2). After this cry, Maya Milkdashi states that a protest will be held on January 14th to stop legal exemption of martial rape (paragraph3). The main goal of this protest is to protect in a way or another, the woman from any type of sexual abuse by anybody and anywhere. What’s shining in the writer’s shout is that she wants people in Lebanon to talk freely about this abuse and get over that “taboo” so that a solution can be reachable. Finally, Milkdashi aims in the march to show that everybody is concerned in this topic and that all must combine their efforts to end this
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