Mayan Calendar History

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Do you know the origin of the solar calendar or the inventors of it? North America before 1500 CE, also known as the Pre-Columbian era, was the era of some of the greatest and most beautiful civilizations, such as the Mayan, which created the solar calendar and many other inventions, and Aztec civilizations, which also had a lot of technology. History shows that these civilizations had a lot of amazing and interesting culture and life, they invented many important pieces of technology, they had many great works and temples, and interesting religions. South America, during these times, was beautiful but also had flaws. Due to the large civilizations drought and other factors occurred, which led to war and violence. One of the most appealing…show more content…
The mayan calendar was the most known invention of the time because it was the beginning of time keeping and it was incredible to the people. The calender allowed for more accurate information that they wrote down and it finally allowed them to keep track of time. The calendars were usually carved into stone in buildings and some of the calendars were carved into the pyramids. According to Stephanie Pappas(2012), the mayans created two major calendars, which were later used or or made into adapted versions by other civilizations, and one consisted of 260 days while the other consisted of 365 days, which is what modern calendars are based off of. The aztecs made and adaption and used the 365 day calendar for the agriculture, because it helped keep track of how long to grow them, and they used the 260 day calendar as a sacred calendar for the gods. This calendar was the start of timekeeping and it is what our calendar is based off of…show more content…
These wars were the beginning of the end for most of the civilizations of this time. The Mayan civilization slowly faded away, with people leaving and abandoning their once great cities. Its people, inventions, and culture was not lost or forgotten but all the problems that were occurring and and the lack of food and other necessities drove people away and into other kingdoms. The fall of the Maya created new problems for other civilizations as well because now they had the people that left from the Maya and came seeking food and a new, better life. This caused many of the things that happened to the Mayans to occur to the other great civilizations, such as the Inca and Aztecs, as well. Now the other major civilizations, such as the Inca and Aztecs, had to deal with the new people coming in, which was causing overpopulation, but they made everyone do a part in society, or they were used as a sacrifice, and soon the civilizations were thriving

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