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From the calendars we still use today, to the way we grow crops with farming, ancient civilizations such as the Mayas, the Aztecs, and the Incas influenced and created the way we contribute our skills towards the public. These people’s expertise proves just how they improved the world. The civilizations were advanced for their time based on their early society, their accomplishments, and the remains that are still remembered, as well as viewed to this day. One of the ways that the Mayas, the Aztecs, and the Incas were successful was through their people’s actions in a community. All of the civilizations followed a hierarchical system. In paragraph 2 of “Mayan Civilization” by Suzanne Hopkins, it states that a hierarchical system is a categorized …show more content…

For instance, farming took place in the Aztecs and Incas environment, “the Inca were farmers, growing potatoes as well as other crops, often in terraces cut into the high mountainsides.” Patel (4). They also raised sheep and used their meat for hunger and its wool for cloth. Due to the Aztecs living on a swamp, they adapted by making a floating garden called a Chinampa to help produce maise and grow other crops. Maldonado (3). It was very genius for Aztecs as well as Incas to have generated an agricultural structure. The Aztecs and the Mayas both also had numerical logic. A general math system was formed through their cleverness. The mathematical formulation was based on the unit 20. Art and Craftsmen took part as well in all the Mayas, the Aztecs, and the Incas. “[The Aztecs] wove cotton cloth, made pottery, carved in stone and other materials, made musical instruments and elaborate costumes of feathers.” Maldonado (4) They were very talented in achieving masterpieces of art. The Incas built cities out of stone, they also wove woolen cloth impressively, they made pottery as well as the Aztecs, yet they also made exquisite jewelry. Patel (4). The Maya artists produced materials to make things with, such as “goods made of cotton, feathers, clay, wood, and precious metals and stones.” Hopkins (5). These materials and art helped encourage the fascination with these cultures and displays how the civilizations were

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