Mayan Empire Research Paper

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Located in the rainforests of Mesoamerica, the Mayan Empire was a highly successful empire with the first settlements dating back to as early as 1800 B.C. This empire, like many, experienced a rise, a successful age of wealth, and a decline. However, unlike most other civilizations, the decline of the Mayans is a highly speculated topic, with many circulating theories. The Mayan Empire was a rich agricultural, religious, and scientific civilization. The rise of the Mayan civilization can be dated back to around 1800 B.C., where small towns started to gather, and agriculture of plants like beans, squash, and cassava were booming. Later in this period, the Mayans started to build pyramids, cities, and monuments made out of stone. This agricultural…show more content…
Around 800 A.D., Mayans started to suddenly leave their cities, and the civilization mysteriously dissolved. One theory is that the natural resources of the Mayans couldn't sustain the rapidly growing civilization, therefore forcing them to move on. Specifically, they couldn't afford to clear more jungle to create space for agriculture. Another theory is that the Mayan leaders became overconfident in their battle ability, and lost many cities to poor decisions. Often these leaders, who had come to believe they were god-like, would have a hunch to start a battle, and would end up getting demolished. The final theory is that the Mayan maize supply was infected with a disease, which essentially killed off their food supply. Because maize was one of the primary foods, it led to famine and forced the Mayans to move…show more content…
In the Middle Preclassic Period, lasting from around 1800 B.C., to 300 B.C., agriculture expanded, and the basic foundations for solid cities and structures were built. The Preclassic period, lasting from around 200 A.D., to 900 A.D., saw growth in agriculture, powerful cities, the rise of religion, and the expansion of the sciences. In the end, just like many religions, the Mayan civilization declined due to the various circulating theories of careless warfare, disease, and depletion of natural resources. In its prime, however, the rapid growth, expansion, and influx of wealth, made the Mayans one of the most culturally rich civilizations of
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