Mayan Genocide Essay

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1 - What were the means used in the extermination of the Australian Aborigines and why would you or would you not call it genocide? Cultural genocide. I would call it a genocide, the intentions were pretty clear, the settler trying to westernized the aboriginals, and the way they do it was wrong as well, the aboriginals weren’t informed where their children went, they knew they left for school but were never brought back, causing suffering and pain within the heart. The children taken away were also not very well taken care off. I learned from the documentary mentioned (Being Them Home) that there are cases that if the families that take in by white families didn’t work out, instead of being sent back to their original home, they were transferred from one foster home to another, causing pain and confusion, and most…show more content…
In the 1970s, the Maya began participating in protests against the repressive government, demanding greater equality and inclusion of the Mayan language and culture. In 1980, the Guatemalan army instituted “Operation Sophia,” which aimed at ending insurgent guerrilla warfare by destroying the civilian base in which they hid. This program specifically targeted the Mayan Indians population, who were believed to be supporting the guerrilla movement. 4 - What were the motivations for the Armenian genocide? This genocide is considered to have been intended as a solution to the Armenian Question. The Armenian question is accompanied with the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire from the early 17th century, when the Christian nations began to free themselves from Turkish rules, during this time the ethnic diversity causes confection between different powers, the massacre was an attempt to create a new homogenous Turkish state. But even the main target is the Armenians, other ethnic groups suffer as well. 5 - What were the methods

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