Mayan Influence On Maya

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Guatemala is one of the countries in Central America that has spectacular Mayan ruins and a diverse Mayan heritage communities. Local Mayan heritage has been preserving the culture of their ancestors after many years. Local indigenous community near Tecpan have been coming to a nearby Mayan site known as Iximche’ to perform spiritual rituals. Despite many racism and civil war that Guatemala; the indigenous community have been embracing their culture heritage. Iximche’ is a Post-Classic Maya site that has been really important to the local indigenous community because it allows them to continue preserving the Maya culture alive for future generations by enabling present community to open a link channel to perform ceremonies as their ancestors…show more content…
Today these cultural heritage are performed by many Indigenous communities in Iximche’. Many rituals are being perform on Iximche’ are for private purposes; which includes cures for illness and request for rains or success in business. Other rituals performed involved young women representing their cultural communities and celebrate as candidates of Reinas Indigenas. Lastly, despite the conflict and fears that aj q’ijab are able to perform black magic; aj q’ijab’ from all over the highlands continues to carries on the an unbroken cultural tradition by practicing peaceful pilgrimage to…show more content…
Other major form in keeping the culture alive is by teaching our young ones embrace their history. Today, Children of Mayan school of Tecpan are able to draw pictures of temples of Classic Tikal and hieroglyphics that they have learned. Another form of cultural heritage is the oral history of local memory, such as the history of the last king of Iximche’ known as Tecun. Who is regarded as national hero that fought the Spaniards and died on direct combat with Pedro de Alvarado, leader of the Conquistadores. History is written that Tecun attacked Alvarado horse because he view Alvarado’s horse as part of the human body; therefore, the Spaniards were able to kill him. However, may Mayan activist sees this story as a form of discrimination for attempting to look their ancestor appear stupid. Nevertheless, Tecun is consider to be a high honour king in
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