Mayans Religion

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The Mayans are autochthonous people of Mexico and Central America who have
Intermined and inhabited the lands comprising modern-day Yucatan, Quintana Roo,
Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas in Mexico and southward through Guatemala, Belize,
El Salvador and Honduras.
The mayans believed in human sacrifice and their gods name is quetzalcoatl but they believe in multiple gods but the one god indicated a feathered serpent a flying reptile AKA like a dragon who was a boundary malcer and transgressor between earth and sky he was a creator of deity having contributed essentials to the creation of mankind the feathered serpent was one of the major deities of the ancient mexican patheon representations of a feathered snake. occurred as early as
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the mayans were very known for making their unique calendars and astronomical buildings these things were used during religious rituals.
The rituals were similar to the egyptians rituals but the mayans built pyramid like temples for religious reasons. Mayan pyramids have a flat top to build temples on top.
The best known pyramid was the El Castillo and the temple of kukulkan only in the archaeological site in the mexican state of yucatan. The mayans built two types of pyramids and only one of them was meant to climbed the Pyramid that can be climbed was only for human sacrifices which would please the gods. The other type of pyramid WAS NOT TO BE TOUCHED OR CLIMBED AT ALL
These pyramids were cherished and often were built too steep to climb, or they would have a false door. When these pyramids were being used, a priest would use the dangerous steps and get closer to the Gods. Each pyramid usually had two or four staircases, often including a platform between steps near the middle. This platform was likely used during the priest kings rituals as well.
The Mayan religion was Polytheistic, and the mayans worshiped more than 165
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The mayans were illiterate people who came up with their very own writing system and

the writing system was a most complex in the world the mayans wrote on anything they could get their hands on.

The mayans made 3 precise calendars the calendars had different numbers of days on them the first calendar was called the Tzolkin it contained 20 periods 13 days consisted of 260 days.

Who were the aztecs?the aztecs were a nomadic tribe from the north that straggled into the

valley of mexico and tried to find a place to settle on the shore of texcoco they arrived in

mesoamerica in the 13th century.

Who were the Aztecs god or gods? The gods name is huitzilopochtli (AKA known as the sun god) he/she was born on coatepec(AKA snake hill)Huitzilopochtli’s mother was a goddess Coatlicue

the meaning behind her name meant serpent skirt and coatlicue was the goddess of

venus(more like the morning star)she was attending Coatepec and she was sweeping the floors

we a ball of feathers fell on the floor and impregnated

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