Maybank Marketing Strategy

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Maybank is not only one of the leading banking institutes in Malaysia, but also the world. It offers range of comprehensive financial products catering to the consumer segment, the business segment and investment banking sector. The strategies that used by Maybank is when the enemy is greedy for small advantages, offer baits to lure him. Maybank entice the enemy by offering something that they would certainly want to have. Lure the enemy to move with benefits that enemy desires and then use concealed troops to await and ambush them. As we all know greedy is one of the human natural instincts. For instances, Maybank use effective application by conducting promotion campaign to the public. Consequently, consumer will be greedy for the small advantages…show more content…
It would be effective to certain portion of consumer which would like to have a budget travelling, hence Maybank can increase their customer flow. Besides that, Maybank also conduct a campaign of “Celebrate Malaysia with Maybank Cards”. Customer can spend on anything and anywhere to have the chance to win 60% cash back on the expenses or up to RM 600 LAZADA vouchers. Beside cooperating with LAZADA company, Maybank also cooperate with Dorra, Giordano, Grab, Hermo, McDonalds, Watson by offering special offer to the customer with the terms and condition spending with Maybank card in the specific retail shop. In the consumer perspective, they would like to spend more to win the prizes. Hence, Maybank can easily grab the customer attention by offering special offer to the customer. Maybank also involved in the promotion of the online shopping. By using Maybank card for any transaction include groceries, beauty products, clothing, hotel booking and bus ticket, customer can enjoy up to 80% off for the associated company product such as Hermo, Honestbee, Shopee and…show more content…
For instances, Maybank offers Maxi Home Flexi Loan for those who can own their dream house or first house faster. It is an attractive slogan for those who are planning to buy a house and Maybank can trap the customer’s mind effectively and efficienly. With Maxi Home Flexi loan, which is 3-in-1 account by integrating the home loan and deposit account. It can reduce the outstanding principal amount of home loan automatically by depositing money into the saving account. There is an extra lexibility and advantage of deciding how much more to pay into the home loan. Once the more you pay, the more interest you save and the loan will be settled sooner. The loan tenure can up to 35 years or age 70, which is better compare to the other financial institution which up to age 65. It has an advantage of flexibility of loan repayment and no commitment fees. The most attractive feature of the loan is they free personal accident cover of up to RM50,000 and free medical expenses up to RM3,000. Besides, we can earn interest of up to 1.85% p.a. for credit balance above RM5,000. Maybank always facilitate their customer of doing payment where they can make payment at Maybank branches, Maybank2u, ATM and

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