Maybank Online Banking Case Study

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The one of the function for Maybank online banking system is cardless withdrawal (Malayan Banking Berhad, 2001). The first of its type in Malaysia, this new service by Maybank will allow the Maybank 's customers to perform easy and simple person-to-person fund transfer payments. The introduce of this service will revolutionise the way people send and receive cash as you are only required to have a mobile phone to receive funds even if you are not a Maybank customer. Cardless cash is a complementary service component for the iNNOVA 's state-of-the-art product i-Mobile Bank. This component adds cardless cash withdrawal features to an existing banking system. This function become an easiest way to get money from an ATM and also bring the users…show more content…
For the first step, the users need to login to Maybank2u website and then click on the "Transfers" and carry on to "Cardless Withdrawal". The second step is choose "Open Cardless Withdrawal" and carry on to input required details together with the recipient 's mobile number, name, amount of cash and debiting account to be transferred before you are allowed to continue. Besides that, you also need to agree to the terms & conditions before you are permitted to carry on. The following step is press "TAC" and press confirm upon verifying the information. For the last step, the user need to display the status of transactions and the recipient will be informed through SMS of transfer of money together with a transaction. After that, the sender will receive a SMS along with a withdrawal code that needs to be notice to the…show more content…
They need the username and password to activate their account. For the output for cardless withdrawal transaction is the SMS code that the users receive. Both of the sender and recipient will receive a SMS code after the transaction completed. Besides that , the input for the recipient to withdraw money at the ATM is the digit transaction ID and SMS code received via SMS. For the output for the recipient to withdraw money at the ATM is the amount of money that come out from the ATM.

The benefits of using cardless withdrawal include easily handy banking services. The recipient authorization process is accessible from anywhere through a selection of mobile channels such as WAP Portal, SMS and Web Portal. The users can be made from any ATM renowned by the bank. Besides that, money also can be transferred to the recipients without any bank accounts. The recipients do not need to open or have a bank account to take the gain of cardless money withdrawals. The only need is to send the cash withdrawal code to an accessible mobile

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