Interpersonal Communication Skills Case Study

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Other than tasks and assignment stated previously (Refer 4.0 Tasks and Assignment), the trainee (Roger Tiong Huo Siong) has responsible for processing the general duties.
First, the trainee has checked the e-mail every morning after reach the office. It is a discipline to check, whether the company has assigned any tasks or assignments for the trainee or not.
Next, the trainee has clean his working area, and off the air-conditioner before leaving the office. It is a discipline to maintain a clean environment for the office and help the company to save power source.
Last, the trainee has guide an intern (Jackson Ong), which is trainee’s classmate that taking the same diploma course and same semester during developing My PHP Tutorial
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Not only how the trainee communicate with others, but also the trainee got confidence and trainee’s ability to listen and understand.
Problem-solving, decision-making, and personal stress management are also considered interpersonal skills. Through this industrial training / internship, the trainee found that trainee matured and gained many new perspectives, such as problem-solving skill, diversity, effective communication, teamwork and service recovery, attention to detail, time management, personal empowerment, self-confidence, responsibility and cultural sensitivity.
All the people work in the company were so kind to answer with patience and teach the trainee much that made this internship so enjoyable. The trainee had gotten a wonderful internship that spent such a happy moment with all of them. Though, still have so much to learn, the trainee thinks this challenge was what should include in trainee’s career. This helped much on trainee’s future
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Workplace ethic is established codes of conduct that reflect the values of the company where the person are employed.
The trainee (Roger Tiong Huo Siong) have seen possess a willingness to work hard from all the employee during the industrial training / internship period. In addition to working hard, it is also important to work smart. This means, the trainee acquired the most efficient way to complete tasks and assignments and finding ways to save time while completing assigned tasks and assignments.
It’s also important to care about the job and complete all the tasks while maintaining a positive
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