Mayella Ewell Trial Report

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Tom Robertson was accused of raping Mayella Ewell. The Ewell’s lived in squalor and It all started with Mayella providing Tom with a daily chore to do and treated him like a chattel, as Tom walked home everyday. Tom decided to be benevolent and do these for her because he "felt sorry for her." One day she invited him in, then started smothering him. Seconds later her father saw and Tom barley escaped. When Bob Ewell saw what had happened he came in and started beating Mayella. Weeks later they decided to take this to court. Mayella was a stout woman with a florid face for being on her fathers side, shooting out spurious clams about what happened that day. In the courtroom, It was hard because of the undue amount lies being told, but I proved Tom is innocent because of…show more content…
We will never know if Tom Robinson could 've got out of the charge from Mayella and Bob Ewell. Last night after a local school pageant the kids of Atticus Finch were under duress after walking home and being attacked. The children were walking between the school and the Radley’s house when they started hearing noises. Scout mentioned that they heard noises and thought that was a school mate, Cecil Jacobs. Minutes later an austere, Bob Ewell came running after them after being in a sulky mood. Later that day Atticus Finch was threatened by Ewell for defending Tom Robinson. Mr. Finch let it slide thinking it was a joke. Mr. Finch stating, “I feel terrible for letting my children go to the pageant alone.” The children suffered no life threatening injuries. Scout, daughter of Atticus, only suffered some minor scratches thanks to her ham costume she was wearing form the pageant. Jem, son of Atticus, has a severe broken arm which is reported to never heal fully. The attackers intentions was to kill them and would have succeeded if he wouldn 't have fell on his knife. Ewell was pronounced dead at the scene by Officer Heck

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